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On August 8, 1919, the Reverend A. D. Brown was sent to McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania to organize Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church. The small group he banded together worshipped in various homes: but when the group began to grow, Reverend Brown made arrangements for the membership to meet in the McKees Rocks Methodist Church on Margaret Street. At the Annual Conference held in 1920 in Scottdale, Pennsylvania, Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church the pastorate was changed to the Reverend Hood Johnson. Reverend Johnson was succeeded by the Reverend E. P. Smith, at the Annual Conference of 1921. Reverend Smith was the first of Trinity's great leaders — making the first milestone in its history.

With a permanent home being needed, Reverend Smith located property at 223-225 Bell Avenue, consisting of a large double house and an adjoining vacant lot. With the cooperation of the membership, Presiding Elder J, C. Taylor and Reverend Smith, the property was purchased in the spring of 1922. The membership was chartered and entered officially into the ranks of the Allegheny Conference. Reverend Smith gave Trinity more than 23 years of dedicated service served as its pastor — even through great adversities.


During his time serving as Pastor Trinity produced a Young Adult Choir, which was famous and in great demand throughout the Allegheny Conference. Under his leadership two outstanding young ministers were called to preach: The Reverend Ralph N. Reynolds, whose untimely passing in 1963 cut short the realization of major spiritual and social achievements: and the Reverend George B. Thomas, Project Director, Religious Heritage of the Black World at I.T.C. in Atlanta Georgia.


In 1946 Rev. E.P. Smith was moved at the Annual Conference and a former presiding elder the Reverend D. H. Thomas was appointed to take the helm. The following persons have succeeded him as Pastors of Trinity: Rev. John H. Carter, Rev. A. H. Hilton, Rev. J.A. Wood, Rev. Arizona Nicholson, Rev., Rev. Elzie Cooper, Rev. Robert Lay, Rev. Robert Russell, Rev. Billie I. Smith, Rev. Joseph D. Lewis, Rev. Nathaniel Cox. and our present Pastor Rev. Joshua M. Walker

Trinity down through the years has faced tremendous adversities i.e., debt, displacement through floods and Urban Redevelopment. However, when they no longer had their home through Urban Redevelopment the Pastor and leadership forged ahead after worshipping in the Y.W.C.A. and a neighboring church by purchasing property in Chartiers City. In the fall of 1959, after property had been purchased on Centralia Street in Chartiers City, Pittsburgh, the construction of the church was finally begun. God has never failed Trinity. Trinity moved it’s home again under the vision and leadership of Rev. Joseph Lewis to its present home on Allendale St. in Sheraden.

From its beginning Trinity forged ahead in ministry by producing a strong Sunday School/ Christian Education Department with dedicated teachers and leaders. The Trustee and Steward Board down through the years took pride in the church building and spent many hours taking care of God’s house. God blessed that dedication and so Trinity continues to be a light for the lost. We have had outstanding dedicated pastors and leaders both men and women who have loved God and always pursued His purpose for Trinity and the surrounding community.

God continues to be blessing Trinity under our present leadership Rev. Joshua M. Walker who is young, vibrant, visionary and dedicated but most importantly loves God, his family and Trinity A.M.E. Zion Church.

“We Have Come This Far By Faith"



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